Former vacation spot of the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers goes to the auction block

In a place and time when old money was new, there is a luxury complex on the elite Upper St. Regis Lake in New York, which is up for auction.

Known as Camp Limberlost, the famed and iconic $ 10 million property will be sold unconditionally on August 14th by Platinum Luxury Auctions, meaning the property will go to the highest bidder regardless of price. Concierge Auctions and Engel & Völkers enable the auction to be sold online.

Previously listed at $ 10.2 million, the historic camp on New York State’s most prestigious lake was a summer playground where the richest and most powerful families like the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Pratts, and Whitneys met to meet again To connect nature. Upper St. Regis Lake is also a popular vacation spot for presidents.

Camp Limberlost is only three doors from the Pine Tree Point estate of Frederick Vanderbilt, who was director of the New York Central Railroad for 61 years. The location offers one of the best vantage points on Upper St. Regis Lake with a west exposure overlooking Birch Island and St. Regis Mountain.

It is also an ideal place to watch the summer regattas of the St. Regis Yacht Club, one of America’s oldest inland yacht clubs. Here, a separate class of sailboat called Idems vies for the St. Regis Yacht Club Cup, and watching the races is a valued summer activity for residents and visitors alike.

But there is much more to it than just lake fun. Five Adirondack-style homes include Camp Limberlost: the Main House, Donaldson House, Highland House, Guide House, and a two-bedroom apartment ideal for a caretaker. An additional hill construction site overlooking the bay is also ready for the construction of another property.

The unique structure of the camp allows large families or several families to socialize while maintaining their privacy. The highlight of the camp, however, is the modern two-story boathouse, which was built in 1989 when most of the camp was completely renovated.

This stunning building offers central air conditioning, an elevator for four, four heated boat bays, a dramatic two-story foyer with a hand-carved wooden staircase, and a massive great room on the second floor with a fireplace, wet bar, and vaulted ceiling able to host dinner parties by the lake for up to host 90 people.

Other buildings include an authentic trapper’s hut with a wood-burning stove, a pioneer annex, a canoe house with a covered slide, and a Caterpillar industrial 120 kW generator house for power supply.

Trayor Lesnock, founder and president of Platinum Luxury Auctions, said much of the property was professionally renovated from 1989 to 1990, but three smaller homes and the canoe house still retain much of their original Adirondack camp character. The waterfront boathouse and main residence are the most modern buildings on the property.

The idyllic surroundings are underlined by stone paths, a water lily pond, a meandering natural promenade, several lake balconies, stone terraces and outdoor fireplaces, which invite residents and guests to relax.

Visitors to Upper St. Regis Lake include almost all incumbent US presidents since the 1950s. Longstanding Upper St. Regis social gatherings and traditions include races at the St. Regis Yacht Club and Junior Yacht Club, hymn singing on Sunday evenings in August and Labor Day tea, as well as a wooden boat race and parade.

An added benefit: sublime sunset views. “The westerly orientation offers a long corridor of views over a wide portion of the lake, in addition to views of Birch Island and St. Regis Mountain,” said Lesnock. “It makes for spectacular sunsets.”

Camp Limberlost has only changed hands twice in the last 100 years, offering the next family an exceptional opportunity to create their own special retreat for generations to come.

“The owners have established many traditions and a rich catalog of memories by hosting large family events over the years, and it is likely that another family will buy the camp with the same intent,” said Trayor. “Many younger families – with parents in their 40s and 50s – have bought these camps and lake houses in recent years.”

The current owner, Eric Rhoads, said the tranquility of the property calmed his father’s soul.

“When the film At the golden pond came out, my father had just been put on the Forbes 400 list, ”he explained. “He managed over 50 companies with over 30,000 employees. His life was full of stress and constant meetings. “

While visiting New Hampshire, Rhoads’ father asked a gas station attendant if he knew of any lakes that met his criteria: quiet, no jet skis, and a mountain view with islands in view.

“The caretaker told him that he used to be with a girl whose parents lived by such a lake and that the house had never changed hands,” said Rhoads. “It has been in the family for over a hundred years. There were rumors that they might sell, so father asked him to call them on a pay phone. ”

The property had just been sold, but Rhoads’ father found out that the buyers hadn’t closed because of a dispute over possession of a piano.

“Knowing that this was the first property on the lake in 50 years, he bought the property unseen, without even asking the price,” said Rhoads. “He saw it for the first time after the closure and it was better than expected and when he bought Limberlost we got our old father back and reunited as a family.”

To this day, Rhoads Camp regards Limberlost as one of the most magical places on earth. “My children have lived here every summer of their lives,” he said. “I can honestly say that there is no lake in America with such a rich history, such a classic Adirondack style and such a deep sense of community and tradition. We have the oldest yacht club in America and we still sail boats that were designed for this lake 120 years ago. “

He added, “Social life can keep you busy any night if you want, and I love exploring the lake with friends, talking about the history, and pointing out the families who still live on the lake by names like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Reed, Post and Pratt are, as well as the representatives of today’s largest corporations and technology brands. Anyone who ends up at Limberlost beats gold. “

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